6 cool experiences to try in Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a vibrant city. Well-known for its contrasts, the city features modern buildings and cutting-edge technology, side by side with the ancient ways of traditional culture.


In this piece I invite you to discover this amazing city almost like a local, experiencing small details that go beyond the garish touristic highlights. Pamper yourself with these fine treats and immerse in the soul of Seoul.


Best Coffeeshops ever

I was mind blown with the variety and quality of the coffeeshops in Seoul. Places with a cool vibe and beautiful design, where we can taste the best coffee experience. From the finest single origins to exquisite blends carefully crafted by professional baristas. From a prefect Americano to fancy slow coffee varieties, such as Chemex, V60, siphon or cold brew. You will want to become a coffee expert yourself so that you can enjoy the full potential of the experience.


Beauty experience at Sulwhasoo flagship store

The beauty industry in Korea is something from another world. To start, plastic surgery is an everyday affair, part of the natural life cycle of any young woman; and then, the morning grooming process of an average Korean includes a 5 to 7 step beauty ritual that goes from face washing, pore activation, skin energizing, and eventually may even include an eye massage.


Sulwhasoo is a well-known Korean beauty brand, and its flagship store, located in Gangnam, will have us experience a luxury deep dive in the fascinating world of Korean beauty. The store itself is a 6-story building of exquisite design, and it features a museum of the brand’s history, a showcase of the newest products and some exclusive editions, a tearoom and a spa for VIP experiences and of course a shop where we can buy our ticket to a well-cared skin.


Design everywhere

Koreans have a remarkable sense of aesthetic. It goes from beauty and personal care, as I mentioned above, to the design of everything else, like architecture, store layouts, food styling, fashion, you name it. Their minimalist and elegant style charmed me beyond words, and it’s definitely one of the things I encourage you to admire in a trip to Seoul.


Fish your lunch

The Noryangjin Fish Market is a huge market where we can find an abundant variety of fresh fish and seafood. The interesting part of the experience is buying the fish and seafood that we like, and take it directly to the restaurants in the upper level, where they will cook it and serve to us as a ready to eat, delicious and surely fresh lunch.


Birdseye view

Seoul has some amazingly high skyscrapers, and the view from the top is just breathtaking. We can see the immensity of the city below the cloud of smog; an intricate pattern of roads and skyscrapers, that look like miniatures encapsulated in a picture with a hazy filter. Overall I’m not sure if which feeling is more prominent, if the smallness of our size, or if the greatness of our impact in the transformed landscape and in the smoggy skies.


Hanbok experience

Here we go for the most touristic experience of this article 😉 In every other door of the typical neighborhood of Hanok Village, we can find stores that rent the traditional Korean customs, called hanbok, for tourists to take pictures and walk around in the streets dressed up in the ancient traditional style. Many Asian tourists love to do that! And even if you don’t feel like dressing up, it’s still fun to watch the streets with this seemingly typical vibe and maybe take some cool pictures.

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