Adventure in the Canadian Rockies (part 3/4)

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When I planned a trip to the national parks of Alberta and British Columbia, in Canada, I was expecting scenic views and awesome hiking trails. But regardless of my expectations, what I found was… Beyond words. So many miles of flawless landscape that seemed barely real. The deep notion of being in intimate contact with nature, by the silent sound of forests, the soothing noise of waterfalls, the chilly breeze from glaciers or the sweet scent of pine-trees. As I moved forward, I let go of expectations and simply enjoyed the wonders of each day.


It’s true that not two experiences are the same, but in the next four articles I share with you 8 days of my favorite hikes in the region. Maybe they can be the starting point for your own Canadian Rockies adventure 😉


Day 5

Wells Gray National Park

This was mainly a Whitewater rafting activity, but had some hiking in the middle to avoid the treacherous river section called The Kettle. A class V /VI rapid, that would probably have swallown us in a raft, but that looked really awesome from the shore. Besides providing a gorgeous and safe overview of the rapids, the hike allowed us to wander among the trees and bushes of the ever renovating forest.


Day 6

Wells Gray National Park

Most of these falls are accessible by car, with a minimum hike to see them. The exception goes for the last two, which by the way were my favorite ones 🙂


To see Moult falls the hike is quite easy, about 45 min each way. But the coolest thing is that we can actually go behind the waterfall and feel the massive water load just in front of us.

For Silvertip falls it’s a scenic hike along a broke, through a lush green and musky forest. As we get close to the falls the path becomes steeper and slippery, until we can go no further. It’s only 2,5 km, but the last bit is quite a climb. Absolutely rewarded by the amazing view and the feel of the mighty waterfall just besides.


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